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Business area
List dei nostri tanti clienti:

• Bonomi Eugenio SpA, Brescia Italy
• Heinz - Pittsburgh, USA
• Heinz - Milan, Italy
• Nepal Electricity Authority, Kathmandu, Nepal
• FAO - Food Agricolture Organization

• Rustivalle srl - Forlì, Italy
"We have invited leading figures from German company to visit Rome, and we found Professional Rome Guides service highly qualified and at the same time also friendly; surely the staff helped us to make good impression with our foreign guests."

• Holy See Embassy of Cipro (Greece)

• Shlomi & Ayelet Nachman
"Dear Alessandro,
We would like to thank you and Agnese for a great day tour in Rome today. We had a very interesting and informative day, the kids as us enjoyed learning many new facts about Rome and the Vatican. No need to say that Agnese was very professional and friendly. It will be our pleasure to recommend working with your company to our friends too. Best regards, Shlomi & Ayelet Nachman"

• Schneider Electric - Bergamo - italy
Buongiorno Agnese,
grazie mille ancora per l’assistenza, siamo rimasti pienamente soddisfatti della tua professionalità e disponibilità!!! Alfio Zanga

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