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Rome Countryside
Explore the Roman countryside tour on a trip to Tivoli gardens in the beautiful town of Tivoli where we organize a walk through the ruins of Hadrian’s Villa built during the glory of the ancient Roman Empire and a visit to Villa d’Este that has the finest Baroque garden in Italy with its beautiful gardens, mazes and many fountains.
Hadrian’s Villa and Tivoli Gardens
Emperor Hadrian, a poet, a philosopher... a traveller
Hadrian’s villa and Tivoli gardens are located in Tivoli, a quaint town outside Rome. Tivoli is an important place to visit, because for many centuries... more info
Ostia Antica
Visit the Roman life style better than Pompei!
Ostia Antica or Ancient Ostia is a small seaport close to Rome. The city is a very interesting example of Roman urban planning similar to Pompeii.... more info
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