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Vatican Museum
Standard Vatican Tour
Explore the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica
Tour 3 hours
Visit the Vatican Museums with a private guide who will lead you through magical art galleries and show you the masterpiece of Renaissance art: the Sistine Chapel. On this tour, you will have quick access to St. Peter’s Basilica from the Sistine Chapel, thanks to the special permission we have obtained for our customers.

On this tour, we will see the best works of art in the world including:
The Pope’s Art Gallery: In this gallery, we have spectacular Italian art from the 12th century to the 18th century, collected by popes over the centuries. The works of art are in chronological order and you will see the best examples of the collection.
Pio-Clementino Museum: In this gallery you will see some of the most important and fine ancient Roman and Greek sculptures, like the Apollo Belvedere, the Laocoön, Venus of Cnidos, the Apoxymenos, and the Belvedere Torso.
Raphael Rooms: Here are the frescos which Raphael and his students painted for the private apartments of Pope Julius II. The most well known is the School of Athens and The Liberation of St. Peter - both masterpieces by Raphael.
Gallery of Tapestries: During the early 16th century, Flemish weavers made these tapestries, designed by Raphael for The Sistine chapel.
Gallery of Maps: This Gallery, the longest in the museum, is about 120 meters. In 1580 artists painted maps on the walls and each map depicts an Italian state with its most important cities. The ceiling is rich in décor with paintings depicting the lives of saints.
Sistine Chapel: The famous frescos that Michelangelo painted for the private chapel of Pope Julius II. Here are examples of the most beautiful high Renaissance art in the world like the Creation of Adam and Eve and The Last Judgement.
St. Peter’s Basilica: The biggest church in the world and one of the greatest examples of Renaissance and Baroque art that Michelangelo started and Bernini finished. Here you will see the Pietà of Michelangelo and the bronze masterpiece of Bernini’s baldacchino.

All Included:
• Professional English speaking licensed guide
• Ticket reservation for the VIP entrance (Skip the line)
• Pick up at your hotel

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