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Rome Countryside
Hadrianís Villa and Tivoli Gardens
Emperor Hadrian, a poet, a philosopher... a traveller
Tour 2-3 hours
Hadrianís villa andTivoli gardens are located in Tivoli, a quaint town outside Rome. Tivoli is an important place to visit, because for many centuries the town has produced many products for Rome, like Travertine marble, wine and olive oil that are still renowned today. In the first century, the Roman Emperor Hadrian built a splendid villa in Tivoli close to the river Aniene to celebrate his important cultural discoveries around the world. The villa, more than 126 hectars, is divided into many sections. On arriving at Tivoli, by private car, we enter Hadrianís Villa where we can visit the Pecile, the Teatro Marittimo, the Library, the private bath of the emperor, and finally the Canopo. After Hadrianís Villa, we go to Tivoli to visit another extraordinary building, the Renaissance Villa DíEste and Tivoli Gardens, where Cardinal Ippolito DíEste ordered the building of one of the finest gardens in Italy with its beautiful maze and more than 500 fountains. After our visit to Villa díEste, we can enjoy lunch at a local resturant of Tivoli.

All Included:
ē Professional English speaking licensed guide
ē Private Limo
ē Pick up at your hotel
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